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The Local Market

For many years Cambridge has enjoyed one of the strongest residential markets anywhere in the country. There are various reasons that have contributed to both the historical and current strength of the market locally. These can be summarised at the "Cambridge Phenomenon"

The existence of Cambridge University

Its 31 colleges, Anglia Polytechnic University, the Cambridge Regional College, numerous other academic institutions and language schools most of which have insufficient in-house accommodation and, who attract new students on an annual basis, have a stabilising factor on the market locally and have contributed enormously to its growth in recent years.

The concentration of hi-technology business in and around Cambridge.

Since the 1960's when small factories moved to Cambridgeshire to escape London's congestion and for the low wages and unionisation of the region through, to the 1970's when new enterprises were formed and major transport and infrastructure development the area has been a magnet for a variety of hi-tech businesses. The Science Parks and the pull of the small hi-technology industry have also helped enormously with the growth of both second-hand residential sales and the lending market locally.

The general mobility of the population.

The single occupancy market is largely based on a transient population of professional, hi-tech, medical, business and academics brought to the City on short-term non-fixed contracts, another important factor for the market locally.

Cambridge as an established tourist destination.

Cambridge has a year-round pull for tourists and the numbers swell enormously over the summer months.

Restrictive planning policy.

Planning policies locally are very restrictive, suitable space within the City limits is in short supply creating a shortage of suitable sites for residential developments.

Local Infrastructure.

Excellent local infrastructure means Cambridge is easily accessible by road, rail and air links.

"We rented a property through Vincent Shaw that was also managed by them, and they were brilliant. Christianne Tippler in particular who managed our property was always responsive, caring, and professional. We were worried at first since we had heard some bad stories about renting through letting agencies, but our experience was the complete opposite and I would highly recommend them."
Mr C